Making sharper photos is one of the things that most obsess any photographer, so it is important at least to know a series of “structures” that will help you improve the sharpness of your photographs.

In the article I will show you what are the accessories that will help you improve your photos improving the sharpness and in this way feel much more proud of your work.

Fotos mas nítidas

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In both photography and video, lenses (also called lenses) are a set of converging and diverging lenses that allow light beams to be redirected to create an optical image in a photosensitive format. The lenses are placed on the front of the camera just in front of the sensor.

Absolutely all cameras need a lens, although it depends on the camera, this lens can be interchangeable and very bulky, as in the case of reflex cameras, or fixed and very small, as is the case of mobile phones.

In the market there are all kinds of lenses, some have zoom, others are fixed focal, there are able to capture 180 degrees, others only capture the image at a small point, etc. Next we will see the different types of lenses and their characteristics.

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One of the things that gives me more anger when I take a picture is that I see those flashes of light that many times what they do is destroy the photo, although there are times that can come very well.

Luckily there are tricks to try that these flashes do not appear in our photographs, and if there is no other way we can use photoshop to eliminate them.

Let’s see below what we can do to avoid flashes and how we can eliminate them in Photoshop.

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To make money selling photos the first thing we need to know is where we can sell them. Microstock agencies are online portals where photographers, both professionals and amateurs, upload their photos and once the timely review is done they are put on sale if they are accepted.

We must bear in mind that what we are selling is not really our photographs, but the right to use them by the buyer, also, depending on the use that he wants to give (for a blog, magazine, for a shirt, etc.) and the size (agencies offer different sizes for download) the price can range from a few cents (when they are purchases by subscription) to much higher prices (can reach more than 100 euros).

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Nowadays, thanks to mobile telephony, many people have become interested in photography. This fact has generated an increase in sales of reflex cameras.

In this article we will see the features and the most prominent components of the reflective cameras, whose main features are the optical viewfinder, although this subject is shown below this type of cameras have other characteristics that differentiates them from other models.

The cameras are used for professionals and amateurs, and the quality of the images are superior to compact cameras or mobile phones. In addition, these cameras have a greater number of manual adjustments.

cámaras reflex características

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