How to eliminate flashes of light in photoshop

One of the things that gives me more anger when I take a picture is that I see those flashes of light that many times what they do is destroy the photo, although there are times that can come very well.

Luckily there are tricks to try that these flashes do not appear in our photographs, and if there is no other way we can use photoshop to eliminate them.

Let’s see below what we can do to avoid flashes and how we can eliminate them in Photoshop.

What are the flashes of light

The flashes of light are circles or ovals of different colors that appear in our photographs when in the frame of our photo appears directly to the sun or is very close. These flashes can also appear if we focus on other very strong light sources.

In the following photograph of a sunrise in which the sun appears in the center of the photo you can see one of those flashes.

How to prevent them from appearing in our photos

First of all, it must be said that if the sun appears in our photo it is very likely that these flashes appear, but to send them as much as possible if there are small “structures”.

First of all and as is logical try not to take photos directly to the light source, if necessary return to the same place at another time. Obviously there are times when this is impossible, either because we can not return to the same place or because we want the light source to appear in our photograph.

Having your objective clean (and filters) is very important, whenever you go out, try to give them a good cleaning.

Finally use the lens hood, although if you take the picture directly to the light source it will not do much if it can be used if it is not the case.

If after following all the recommendations the flashes still appear we will have to go to photoshop (or another editor) and fix it in the processing of the photo.

How to eliminate flashes in photoshop

First of all, we must be very clear that it is not always possible to eliminate flashes easily. In the example that I put it is very easy since the “spot” appears in the sand of the beach and all the pixels in which it appears have the same color and texture. Now, let’s see how to eliminate it.

First of all and once we have opened the photograph in our photoshop, the first thing to do is click on the brushing tool.

Once we click we will see that the options in the top menu have changed. What we should do is select the size in pixels that we want to give to the tool we are using. I used 139 for this picture. When more complex is smaller we should do it.

Now the mouse pointer has been transformed into a circle when we put it on top of the photograph. What we have to do now is go to where the flash is, click on the left button and “click” the whole area where the flash appears.

The final result can be seen in the following photo

Other uses of this tool

With this tool we can eliminate flashes but also other unintended “invaders” in our photographs, such as spots on the sensor. If you look at the first and the last photograph you will see that to the left of the sun there is a small spot, which is there because of a dirty sensor. Well, with the help of photoshop it has also been possible to eliminate it and not to notice that it was there before.

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